My Week in Brief

Oct. 16 – A GREAT response to The 26K Challnege.  God led a generous family to match contributions and pledges up to $13,000 for the “Road to Freedom” from  October-December.  We’ve already received $5,290!  A great start, but we must follow through and take every advantage of this tremendous opportunity. (PK)

Oct. 16 – I tried to “help” by cleaning the kitchen, including throwing out some old kitchenware.  Only today when Billy Peay called did I learn I also discarded Tori’s Tupperware container in my purge. “I’ll take ‘How Embarrassing’ for $10, Alex.”  (PK)

Oct. 17 – I was treated to lunch for “Bosses Day.”  That’s sweet, but I don’t think of myself as a boss.  I am a fellow servant, a colleague in ministry. I’m honored to serve with this good staff … and with YOU!  (PK)

Oct. 18 – Loved seeing this FB post from Katie McCormick: “Tim is using his PHONE to translate from English to French Creole…so many are coming to know Jesus…so many are hungry for His word…”  Now that’s how you give God glory and give people hope!  (PK)

Oct. 18 – We collected $564 for world hunger and $445 for Disaster Relief (plus $1,250 Janie Chapman offering),. I’m sure that was  affected by Hurricane Matthew, so we’ll extend those offerings through October.  (PK)

Oct. 18 – Planning a sermon series on John is like condensing Wikipedia into 12 sermons.  I’ve found a great video I plan to use, and I’m looking for a book we can all read together as we have done before.  Any suggestions?  (PK)

Oct. 18 – Guys, don’t miss the C.A.M.O. (Calling All Men Out) Wild Game Dinner at the Schrock Farm on Oct. 30!  And our Men’s Breakfast is at 8 a.m. on the second Tuesday of each month.  Join us for our next one Nov. 8. (PK)

Oct. 18 – Today, Debi and I celebrate our 36th Anniversary.  God was so kind to give her to me.  How many women could do what she has done – Followed a husband whose parish is the world?  Supported the ups and downs of pastoral ministry?  Taken on nine children, knowing the brunt of raising them would fall to her?  Debi, “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all!”  I love you.  (PK)

Oct. 18 –I’m so excited!!  I just booked Watoto Children’s Choir to be with us on Wed., Jan. 4.  If you saw their performance two years ago, or hosted some of the children, you know what an incredible blessing this was.  Put this on your calendar.  And if you want to start 2017 with maximum joy, sign up now to be a host home!  (PK)

Oct. 19 – Three amigos (Herman Keisler, Carlton Lemmond and I) started our day by helping get Johnny Martin into his car to go to the hospital Johnny fell from a ladder, breaking his upper arm and right ankle.  Nothing can be done for the arm other than a sling.  He is waiting for an OK from his cardiologist to do surgery on the ankle.  Please pray for Johnny and Phyllis.  (PK)

Oct. 19 – Two “newer” pastors joined my Band of Brothers this a.m.  We were excited to bring them up to speed on good things going on in our Association and how they can find their places going forward.  They’re good men! (PK)

Oct. 19 – Two things echoed repeatedly about Melissa Darby’s father: He loved God and he loved his family.  I hope that will be said of each of us when we depart this life. God’s peace to his family and friends. (PK)

Oct. 19 – What a wonderful FLIGHT1939Sunil Tadamatla has designed a fantastic logo. We discussed future topics of conversation, and we prayed for one another’s genuine needs.  If you’re an under-40 adult, you would love this group, I know. Next meeting: Nov. 2.  (PK)

Oct. 21 – I gather with a group of men on the first and third Friday mornings of each month.  We had a great time of encouragement and study this a.m.  Guys, you need this in your life.  If you want to meet with our group, come Fri. Oct. 21 at 8 a.m. in the Activity Center.  If you can’t make it Fridays, call me and let’s figure out a group that will work for you.  (PK)


Oct 23 – It’s Senior Saints Day! We’ll have lunch and entertainment in the Activity Center at noon.  Seniors, please join us!  (PK)


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