Why I Will Support President Trump

During the primary season, I stated publicly that I would not vote for Donald Trump, and I explained why.  In short, I felt he had done nothing to overcome the concerns of my conscience about his previous boorish behavior and his lifelong support for abortion on demand, and a Christian should never violate his or her conscience.

Now I want to state with equal clarity that I will support President Trump.

Why the change of heart, you ask?  Well, to a fair-minded reader, it is not a change of heart.  In my previous post, months before the election, I wrote, “I will pray for the next President of the United States, as Scripture teaches me. If that should be President Donald Trump, I will even pray that he proves me wrong, and that I look back years hence to realize that my crisis of conscience was unwarranted.  No one will ever be happier to discover he was wrong.”

And that is where we are.

Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as our next President, and I will pray for his success as a President.  I will pray that he grows into the office he will assume.  I will pray for his family.  I will pray for those who advise him.  I will pray for a less partisan Congress.  I will pray for a more civil nation, a more honest media.

Why do I feel compelled to pray for our next President, to seek his good?  Please understand that this is something more than the pragmatism I derided in my original post.  This is even something deeper than wanting the good of the country.  This is precisely the point of Biblical conviction for me.  I will pray because the Scriptures teach me to do so, and my conscience is captive to the word of God.

It is also important for me to note that in my previous post, I acknowledged that other Evangelical Christians saw this differently, and that I understood how they came to their positions.  I was under no delusions about the stakes in this election, especially when it came to judicial nominations, including the Supreme Court.  Many people have said to me that they weren’t thrilled with Donald Trump as a candidate or as the Republican nominee, but they were utterly horrified by the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency and a continuation of left-leaning policies.  I got that then and I get that now.  The fact that I could not clear the hurdle of my own conscience does not mean I had or have any ill will toward those who could.  There is something right about speaking one’s mind concerning a candidate, and something wrong about painting his supporters with the candidate’s flaws.

Between now and Inauguration Day, I want to present three Biblical passages and some thoughts or reflections on each.

gkr1996 posted at 2016-12-23 Category: Political