These Dreams, Though!

Many people have told me of recurring dreams they experience under certain circumstances.  These dreams may have slight variations, but the central theme remains.  I have several of those.

While in college, I dreamed often (at least once per semester) that during finals week, I would realize I had registered for a class, but never attended it.  Now I had to take a final in some subject I’d never studied. Or sometimes I dreamed I had driven to school, the exam was in five minutes, and I looked down to find I wasn’t wearing pants. Exactly how does one take a final exam in boxers?  Or get to class without being arrested?

When I practiced law, I dreamed regularly that it was the last day of the month and I had not billed a single hour. Strangely enough, I still have this dream from time to time, though I haven’t had a time log since entering ministry 24 years ago. Time sheets scar for life!

My recurring nightmare in ministry takes one of two forms. In the first, I am a guest speaker in a church I don’t know well.  I know the service has started, because I hear the singing.  But I absolutely cannot figure out how to get to the sanctuary. I meander down halls trying every available door, but I discover only a library, a broom closet, or a bathroom.  The time to preach is drawing closer … but I am not!  The music is fading as I get farther from where I need to be.  I’m panicked, lost in a labyrinth of corridors, the navigational equivalent of a Rubik’s Cube.

Or, in the even more horrifying version, I am in the pulpit, I announce my text … but I can’t locate it in my Bible.  I discover to my horror that I accidentally brought my chronological Bible, and can’t remember whether Jude was written before 1 John.  Or I forgot my Bible altogether.  I grab a pew Bible, but for some reason this church doesn’t include the Book of Job!  Or some kid has ripped out the minor prophets entirely. Oh, no, this isn’t a pew Bible, it’s the hymn book!

I realized last night that I now have a new stock dream for when I am teaching.  It’s the night before class begins, and I suddenly realize … “Wait a minute! I can’t teach _____ (fill in course title).  I don’t know the first thing about _____ (fill in course subject). I’m a student, I’m not a scholar!”

Fortunately, that frightful fit of a dream occurred in conjunction with the earlier-described jet lag.  Who knew God could use jet lag for His good purposes?  So I awoke in a cold sweat at midnight, and spent the night reviewing my notes and doing my Evelyn Woods impersonation with my Bible and textbook for the next 7 hours.

New Testament. That comes after the Old Testament. Check.

Matthew first, then Mark, Luke and John. Check.

Paul was an epistle who wrote thirteen apostles. No, wait …

OK, it’s class time. Let’s do this!

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