A Lesson on the Playground

I mentioned in my last post that I was Ecuador bound.  I am now in that sweet sanctuary, enjoying the beauty, the culture, and really everything about the experience.  I haven’t written about it before now, for a couple of reasons.  First, I have been intentionally, seriously resting.  I have felt since at least last summer as if I have a 40-year sleep deficit, and I gave myself permission to sleep a lot on this trip.  So far, so good!  Also, I’ve been “a bit puny,” as my mother used to say.  I came with a slight but consistent cough, which I have not shaken.  Then, a few nights ago, my digestive system objected to something, maybe nothing more than the heat and sun exposure.  None of these things has been a major obstacle to my overall enjoyment of the trip, but I haven’t pressured myself to write, or photograph, or … well, I haven’t pressured myself to do anything at all.

But I write now to record something wonderful I just saw.  I was walking the beach, which I find every bit as nourishing and restorative as you do.  I try to walk along the water line created by the current tide level.  That way, I can wet just my feet in the outer edges of the incoming waves.  But twice in the last few days that strategy has backfired on me.  As I walked peacefully along that perceived boundary, suddenly a maverick wave engulfed me up to my waist.  Of course, there was nothing to do but look toward heaven and chuckle, knowing my Father was having a little fun with me.

Then today something different happened.  I had paused to watch two hermit crabs.  They were scurrying about, pausing here and there to look into a sand cave.  Fascinating creatures.  Then all of a sudden Bernie and Bernadette shot like rockets toward the shore, going three feet into completely dry sand.  I was both amused and puzzled.  Was some predator close by?  Not that I could detect.  Had they just then noticed me?  Was I the disturbance in the force?  To check that theory, I moved toward them, but they seemed as oblivious to me as they had been previously.  Then, some fifteen seconds after their 20-yard dash, one of those maverick waves crashed ashore.  It was 10 feet beyond the previous high-water mark.  And it stopped only a foot from Bernie and Bernadette.  That was it!  They headed to higher ground, reading some unseen, unheard telegraph that you and I may never understand.

As I walked home, in my happily dry and sand-free shorts, it occurred to me that if it had not been for the waist-high waves of yesterday, I would never have picked up on the lesson from two little beach creatures today.  My Father was indeed playing with me. But as we all do with our children, He was teaching me something even during playtime.

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