My Red Face

I have two goals for today:  1. Wash my clothes in preparation for my return travel Monday; and 2. Keep my face out of the sun.

I have a minor case of sunburn.  That’s rare for me.  So rare that it’s not something I think about when preparing for a trip.  I have one of those complexions that darkens more than reddens, unlike my fair-skinned wife who could burn walking to the mailbox.  So, though I don’t bask in the sun because of other health risks, I just don’t ever think about sunburn.  Perhaps that’s how this happened.

Or it could have been lots of exposure over the course of ten days on the Equator, one of those cases that builds up gradually, unnoticed until that telltale sting sets in.

Or it might have been yesterday’s siesta.  I crawled into a hammock, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the cool ocean breeze blowing across my face.  An hour or more later, I woke to a different facial sensation entirely.  Perhaps that’s it.  I just fell asleep.

As I gingerly babied my face this morning, it occurred to me.  I have been sunburned relatively few times in my life.  But I have been sin-burned more times than I care to admit to myself, much less to you.  And as I thought about it, that happens in exactly the same ways.

Sometimes I simply think I’m resistant due to my complexion. I’ve been a Christian so long now, surely I should have built up some immunity. That presumption has reddened my face about as often as I was arrogant enough to think it.  At other times, I simply suffered repeated and prolonged exposure. You know what I mean. We see incivility and coarseness, language and immodesty, etc. day after day after day, until those vices cease to horrify us.  They become the new normal, and we don’t even consider the long-term effects of repeated exposure.  And then there are those times—those ridiculously, maddeningly frequent times—when I just fall asleep.

Thank God for the balm of Jesus, to heal the burn of sin and take away its sting.

gkr1996 posted at 2019-1-19 Category: Personal