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Staying in Town (2015-8-20)

Today is expected to be a lighter day. We’re staying in Limon, and have already seen most of the people here. Some of the patients we will see today were unable to come to the clinic before, but some are follow-up visits. I began the day with a 5:30 a.m. walk on the beach with […]

Icoteas and The Orphans (2015-8-19)

Most of the team went to a clinic an hour away. I don’t think it was terribly far in distance, but we traveled down a dirt road that was clearly meant for horseback, not for our 35 passenger 1970’s vintage school bus. The clinic was on a hill which overlooked the adjacent palm plantation. Picture […]

The Tough Side of Missions (2015-8-18)

This morning reminded me of the difficult side of relief missions—the people we simply cannot help. A man came to the clinic Sunday, and persuaded a doctor to go to his home to see his wife. She is a thirtyish mother of four. In April, she lost a full-term baby, I don’t know how or […]

Whispering Hope (2015-8-17)

Today we travelled about an hour to “Whispering Hope,” another clinic in a somewhat remote village near Trujillo. The trip there was interesting. After we got off the 29 mile dirt road that leads to Limon, we travelled a road that had more potholes than pavement. Along the way we saw plenty of small shanties, […]

The Work Begins (2015-8-16)

Again, I awoke very early. I think I will not try to correct that, because if I do, when I return home, my body will be conditioned to rising later than normal. I think I’ll just be governed by my own circadian rhythm than by the clock. After breakfast, we began seeing patients. I always […]

La Ceiba to Limon (2015-8-15)

Today we move from La Ceiba to Limon. It’s about a 4.5 hour trip, but takes all day. The day started with breakfast. I actually arrived at the restaurant before it opened at 6:30 a.m. I didn’t know the time, as I am without my watch and cell phone. But again, they were accommodating, seating […]

Wheels Up (2015-8-14)

We had a good trip to the airport. Many thanks to Dan Brown for driving us to Columbia at 2 a.m. The flights were smooth and brief, the layover was just the right amount of time to move from gate to gate and even catch a little breakfast. We passed through customs with no difficulty […]