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Photographs & Memories (2009-7-2)

I spent the bulk of the morning going through the photos that I took in Uganda, editing them for publication, and praying for the people who remain there.  Some I know by name, some I prayed for though I don’t even know their names.  It was good to go through these.  It helped me thank God […]

Newfound Intolerance (2009-7-1)

People have asked me, “How was the trip to Uganda?”  I’ve struggled to answer because the question is too broad.  So I’ve started to just say–“Life-changing.  Mind-blowing.”  If that provokes further inquiry, I explain.  If it’s more answer than was desired, I just leave it there. I have noticed that my internal responses to various stimuli have changed.  I hope […]

Thanks (2009-6-29)

I still haven’t had enough time to decompress, but yesterday was a good start.  As I worshipped, as I spent time with my family, as I sat in a jet-lag induced fugue and just contemplated it all, I began the work of sorting out my emotions.  And my principal emotion surprised me.  I thought it would be […]

Perspective (2009-6-28)

Yesterday (at least I think it was yesterday) I had a long layover at Heathrow Airport in London.  I picked up a tabloid someone had left in the waiting area and read the lead article over the course of three pages.  Then I realized that the entire tabloid was 48-pages of the same story: wall-to-wall coverage of […]

Commencement (2009-6-28)

We’re back home, where everything looks the same as when we left, but where nothing will ever be the same again.  It just can’t be.  Nor do I want it to be.  I don’t want to squander this experience.  I want God to do incredible transformation through it.  I want to be a better husband, […]

Processing … (2009-6-26)

I am sitting in the guest house of Mission Aviation Fellowship in Kampala.  I have not had an opportunity to post updates for two says because of the lack of internet, and even now I have only a few moments before leaving for Entebbe to begin tonight’s homeward journey.  So I cannot begin to provide […]

Ministering Like the Master (2009-6-23)

Today was compelling for me beyond all words.  The plan, of course, was for me to participate in Day 2 of the Pastor’s Conference.  But God had other plans.  Those who had traveled from long distances to attend the conference heard that medicine was running out at the clinic–so there were hundreds at the clinic […]

“Ayonge Apuuli” (2009-6-22)

“Ayonge Apuuli” – My pet name is Father.  Everyone here in Uganda has a pet name.  They try to make it fit some special circumstance that distinguishes a person.  I can’t imagine why they chose to call me Apuuli. Today has been as every day so far – busy, productive, exhausting and wonderful.  I preached […]

Worship (2009-6-21)

Today we went to different churches to worship.  I attended God’s Care Church, led by Pastor Victor Sande.  He is a remarkably capable young man, working very hard with few resources.  He has been faithful with what God has given to him, and I know that God will therefore entrust him with more. The service […]

“Mzungu!” (2009-6-19)

Two of the local customs, or mannerisms, impressed me today.  One occurred as we were driving back from the Children’s Village site to the hotel.  As we were driving through the market section of Kyenjojo, we had to slow down (probably a goat in the road!).  As we did, I looked out the window and […]