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An Unusual Trip for Me (2012-7-12)

In the mountains of Brevard, NC, camping out at a school, we have sketchy cell phone signals and limited internet access.  It’s Thursday, but I need to update things since my last entry on Monday. On Tuesday, the highlight for me was to participate in baptizing Kandice.  I am sure it is a day she […]

A Ridiculously Emotional Start (2012-7-9)

God has been dealing with me on some very personal and important issues. Some of this began yesterday.  Pastor Mike Rogers asked anyone who was lost to signify that with a raised hand.  One person did so, but did not publicly come forward.  At the end of the service, I remarked that if that person, […]

Brevard (2012-7-8)

We arrived safely yesterday in Brevard, NC for our Church-Wide Mission.  We will partner with Dunns Creek Baptist Church here to worship together and do some construction, neighborhood evangelism, and a sports camp for children.  I have to say that the trip seemed surprisingly short.  That’s probably because it’s less than a quarter of last […]