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My Week in Brief (2016-8-12)

Aug. 7 – Are you familiar with “March for Jesus?”  One will be held in Augusta on Oct. 22.  You can find out more by going to  (PK) Aug. 7 –Ben and Amy surprised me and Debi last night with a Boston concert.  Sweet!  I enjoyed the music and most of my hearing has […]

My Week in Brief (2016-8-5)

July 31 – Ted Darby showed me a picture of the “Blessing Box” he is building.  I love the concept.  I love the box he’s building.  I love Ted for building it.  I love the Lord for putting it on his heart.  And I’ll love you for keeping it supplied to bless people in Barnwell.  […]

My Week in Brief (2016-7-31)

  July 23 – Today Daniel Goldy asked my permission to propose to Marie.  I consented.  He wasted no time, either, asking for her hand at dinner.  He wanted Debi and I to be there for the occasion.  I’m happy for a young man making the effort to become part of the family.  It’s altogether […]

My Week in Brief (2014-3-22)

Mar. 16 – OK, so I have to confess to a little jealousy. As Katie McCormick shared her powerful stories today, I looked out to see how you were receiving it. I saw smiles. I saw tears. I saw you caught up in every word. I want it to be what I see every Sunday. […]

My Week in Brief (2014-3-14)

Mar. 7 – Johnny Martin is doing much better.  I know he still has a way to go, but it sure was good to find him sitting up, and to hear that he had eaten a little solid food.  Of course, he started with grits!  Please continue to pray for Johnny and Phyllis. Mar. 8 […]