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Rising Stars (2014-3-20)

I spoke to School Superintendent Jay Grissom and to BPS Principal Donna Selvey about starting a new award for the most improved student each quarter and also for the school year. I want to call it the “Rising Star” award. We’ll present the student with a certificate and also a gift card to eat out. […]

A Day with Presidents and Princes (2014-3-19)

Yesterday Student Pastor Mike D’Attoma and I had lunch in Columbia at an annual Bar-B-Que Fellowship on the State House Grounds.  The lunch is hosted by The Office of Public Policy and the Christian Life and Public Affairs Committee.  Its always a good occasion to meet legislators and discuss any particular bills moving through the […]

Kris Kuriger Ordination Council (2014-3-17)

Our Barnwell Bamberg Baptist Association holds a “Pastors and Ministers Conference” monthly.  We usually have a speaker.  Today we had an ordination council for Kris Kuriger, the student pastor at Hagood Avenue Baptist Church.  I was truly blessed to take part. Kris and Mike D’Attoma have a close relationship, as do Ken Catoe and I, […]

Evangelism; Rhett Walker Band (2014-3-16)

I brought the final sermon in the “Gifted” series today, on the spiritual gift of evangelism.  I spoke briefly, really only defining the gift.  Then, rather than talking more about it, I brought up Katie McCormick and interviewed her.  Katie is a Gideon Auxiliary member and over recent months has had many strange and wonderful […]

Hasty Exit (2014-3-15)

After visiting with Bill and Sheila Dixon last night, I went to bed late.  But I woke up early.  Just an hour or two after retiring, I awoke to the awareness that I was … um … unwell.  I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that was the last of my sleep for […]

A Brief Atlanta Visit (2014-3-14)

Today I returned to Atlanta for a brief visit.  I had planned to do so several weeks ago to make a hospital visit, spend a few days with friends, and get a little R&R.  The previously planned trip fell apart, so I had to settle for the overnight version. The hospital visit was at Shepherd […]

Call Me George (2014-3-12)

Today is Annie’s birthday and my heart is full of the very best of memories. I remember the pregnancy.  I remember her birth.  I remember naming her “Anne Emanuel” for a law professor who was both brilliant and kind, and whose name was a reminder that our gracious God is with us. I remember how […]

A Day on Edisto Island (2014-3-11)

Today was a fun outing with our seniors’ group, Young at Heart. I do genuinely enjoy being with them. When they travel together, they let their hair down a little and you can see a side of them that they don’t always show. The serious, practical side is put on the shelf, at least for […]

Clear the Stage (2013-10-1)

What strange and extraordinary experiences. It began as I visited with Jimmy Needham a couple of weeks ago. It is one thing to see the stage persona of a performer, to see the image and wonder what the reality is. It is another thing altogether to sit down with a young man and realize he […]

Happy Birthday, Bob Vradenburgh (2013-7-13)

Today I experienced the mountaintop and the valley within seconds of each other. It started when I saw on Facebook that today is my friend Bob Vradenburgh’s 58th birthday. I first met Bob, and his twin Bill, in 1978.  We worked together at The Chattanooga News-Free Press.  I was a freshman, they were seniors. Bob […]