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Why I Will Support President Trump (2016-12-23)

During the primary season, I stated publicly that I would not vote for Donald Trump, and I explained why.  In short, I felt he had done nothing to overcome the concerns of my conscience about his previous boorish behavior and his lifelong support for abortion on demand, and a Christian should never violate his or […]

Why I Will Not Vote for Donald Trump (2016-5-7)

“I believe any Christian who would sit at home and not vote for the Republican nominee … that person is being motivated by pride rather than principle,” Robert Jeffress, Pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, recently told the Christian Post. Well, I do not intend to sit at home. I will vote.  I will […]

Lessons from New Jersey and Virginia (2013-11-11)

After an election, the airwaves are flooded with post-partum analysis. The great theme of this year’s Wednesday-morning quarterbacking seems to be that the Republican party needs to take a lesson from Chris Christie’s playbook. He’s a Republican governor who won re-election in a landslide in a consistently “Blue State” like New Jersey. This at the […]

The President Has Fumbled (2013-7-23)

Just over a week ago, George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin. It seems there is not a single American without an opinion about the incident, the handling of the case, the legal proceedings, the outcome, and the media’s fixation on this latest cause celebre. I have opinions, too, on […]

The Death Penalty (2011-3-3)

I just finished reading John Grisham’s latest book, The Confession.  It is a fictional story of a young man coerced into a confession and then wrongly executed. (I just could not resist a book that involved a Pastor Keith up to his neck in a death penalty case! :-)) Grisham opposes the death penalty.  This came out […]

The Modern Concept of the Census (2010-3-17)

I had the following editorial letter published last week: Editor, I’ve received a letter from the Census Bureau just to tell me that I would soon receive my Census form.  After a four month, $133 million ad campaign, including a $2.5 million Super Bowl spot, is anyone left who doesn’t know it’s a census year? […]

Our National Ponzi Scheme (2009-10-2)

Recently, our local newspaper ran a lead article entitled: “Early retirements hurt Social Secutiry.”  The story explained that the so-called Social Security Trust Fund will run a deficit for this year and next, due to a loss of jobs in the present economy.  I responded with the following editorial, which they printed yesterday: When Bernie […]

Respect the President (2009-9-23)

I am a conservative. Just ask anyone who knows me. I’m not somewhere right of center, I’m somewhere right of Ronald Reagan. So it may surprise you that I am dismayed by two recent events: the outburst of Rep. Joe Wilson, who yelled “You lie!” as President Obama addressed Congress concerning his health care plan, […]

And No Religion, Too? (2009-8-24)

When I was a child, John Lennon’s song “Imagine” was very popular.  He is asking people to imagine Utopia, a world in which all is well with everyone, a planet engulfed in world peace. It’s the kind of world that Christian’s anticipate in the restored earth—only without Christians.             Imagine there’s no Heaven.             It’s easy […]

Dual Citizenship (2009-7-4)

“I am a Christian first, an American second.”