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Respect the President (2009-9-23)

I am a conservative. Just ask anyone who knows me. I’m not somewhere right of center, I’m somewhere right of Ronald Reagan. So it may surprise you that I am dismayed by two recent events: the outburst of Rep. Joe Wilson, who yelled “You lie!” as President Obama addressed Congress concerning his health care plan, […]

And No Religion, Too? (2009-8-24)

When I was a child, John Lennon’s song “Imagine” was very popular.  He is asking people to imagine Utopia, a world in which all is well with everyone, a planet engulfed in world peace. It’s the kind of world that Christian’s anticipate in the restored earth—only without Christians.             Imagine there’s no Heaven.             It’s easy […]

Dual Citizenship (2009-7-4)

“I am a Christian first, an American second.”