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Then Came the Rocks (2013-5-17)

Our devotions this morning were very moving. Alissa asked what has most impressed us in our first few days. She offered to lead off, and had scarcely begun speaking when she had to choke back tears. Then one after another, each of us tried to share without sobbing. Some succeeded momentarily, but only momentarily. I […]

OK, So I Was Wrong! (2013-5-16)

I closed by saying I was going to sleep again. Well, not so much. I did get to bed at a decent hour but awoke 4 hours later, done for the night. I never thought I would find myself at 2:45 a.m. watching Al Jazeera! But it was either that or the other channel broadcasting […]

Ahh, Sleep! (2013-5-15)

I slept.  Twice. Last night, I sat in bed and tried to write and study a little for the sermon series I am planning.  I woke and realized I had fallen asleep sitting up in bed.  So, I yielded to the sandman.  At 4 a.m., I was wide awake.  I felt great and thought that […]

Safely in Africa (2013-5-14)

After 12 hours flying from D.C. to Addis Ababa, a five hour layover, and a short 2 hour flight to Entebbe, we are safely in Uganda. I am overwhelmed by both my exhaustion and my joy. As to the first, I calculate that I have had something approaching 5 hours sleep in the last three […]

Wheels Up! (2013-5-13)

Wheels Up! Returning from Uganda in 2011 closed out one particular mission trip. It did not close out the mission. For me, it only began a new countdown, a new period of hope. Biblically, of course, hope is not a wish that something would occur, but the eager anticipation of something sure to occur. That […]