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Worship in Uganda (2016-6-26)

As I sat this morning after breakfast, waiting to be picked up for delivery to God’s Care Church, I met another guest here, Hazel Seavey.  She is working with an organization called Heart of Africa, essentially helping widows launch micro-businesses.  She described the process of start-up funding, training in basic business practices, and establishing a […]

Ministry Among the Children (2016-6-23)

Today was full and wonderful.  After gathering together for prayer, we moved over to the Orphans Village.  On Thursdays, they have an afternoon time of “Bible School” which looks very much like VBS back home.  The ladies spent some time planning out activities for the 360 children. I went with Alissa to tend to a […]

Vivid, Sacred Dream (2016-6-23)

I mentioned in my previous post that I’ve been having “vivid dreams.” I write this post at 3 a.m. specifically to record one of them. In this dream, I was at a fast food restaurant, like a McDonald’s, which I apparently owned. I had the run of the place and was as comfortable as if […]

Entebbe to Kyenjojo (2016-6-22)

Today we made the long trip from Entebbe (which locals pronounce very much like “intubate”) to Kyenjojo, a trek of about 5.5 hours. My day began at 4 a.m. only because I could not sleep. I went downstairs and struck up a conversation with the security guards, Pacras and Anock. They told me many things […]

Reunited in Entebbe (2016-6-21)

We had a fifteen hour layover in Doha, Qatar. Hamad International Airport is modern and hospitable. We found a nice nook in the Food Court, with two tables and a padded bench. At each terminal, a “Family Lounge” featured something like chaise lounge chairs which made napping easier, but that was countered by jet lag. […]

Blessed Are the Flexible … (2016-6-20)

For they shall not be bent out of shape. Just before we boarded our plane in ATL, we heard from Belinda and Kirsten that their flight was delayed.  They had to return earlier than the rest of us and so had a separate itinerary on Turkish Airlines while the rest of us were flying Qatar […]

Wheels Up! (2016-6-19)

We had a wonderful send-off from Barnwell. People in both services laid hands upon Team Uganda to send us off with God’s blessing and with theirs. Immediately after the service, we gathered together, prayed, and it was off to ATL. We had a smooth trip to ATL, and then a smooth check-in at Qatar Airlines. […]