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2015 Church-Wide Mission (2015-7-19)

We had a wonderful week in Perry, SC. I am convinced that the building that goes up is almost incidental. So much more is happening. Relationships are being built that will last forever. And the good that God is doing in the world is known only to Him. That is especially evident to me now. […]

In Salinas (2014-9-28)

Today we left Manta and traveled south to Salinas, going through not only a variety of smaller towns, but apparently a variety of ecosystems as well. Leaving Manta, we passed from beach to Badlands to rain forest, all in the space of about 50 km. It’s one of the things I have loved about Ecuador […]

A Perfectly Wonderful Lackluster Day (2014-9-27)

It’s pretty cool when you can say, “Nothing much happened today,” and the day was still great, right? The day began with breakfast on an open terrace at the hotel. If I ever lived in a place like this, such a terrace is now a must. Simply splendid. Then we explored more of Manta. It […]

Cuenca – What a Magical Place! (2014-9-24)

I scratched all kinds of things today. Like the itch for adventure. And my cheapskate bone. All at the same time. After a pleasant breakfast (2 fried eggs, 2 pieces of fried bologna, and two large slices of bread, all of which I turned into a breakfast sandwich) at the hotel, I took a cab […]

So I Woke Up This Morning … In Ecuador. WHAT?!?!? (2014-9-24)

One of the things on my “bucket list” is to visit all seven continents. Yes, that includes Antarctica. Yesterday, I touched down in South America. Five down, two to go. I traveled well. Debi and Kaye Pattillo drove me to the airport in Atlanta. On the way, we introduced Kaye to John Michael Talbot. I […]

Remembrances of Africa (2011-7-26)

One of the most powerful memories of my trip to Uganda occurred near the end of the trip.  I had been taken 8.8 kilometers (5.5 miles) through Kyenjojo into the countryside, onto dirt roads through a tea plantation, that became a walking path through the jungle.  There I saw the mud house built by Gene, […]

Quoted (2011-7-20)

On my return trip from the SC Renewal Project’s Pastors’ Policy Forum, I spoke to a reporter for Politico.  She used a couple of my quotes: I joked with Debi that I was having flashbacks to 2008, driving down the road, talking to a reporter, trying not to say anything to embarrass myself.

Surprise!! (2011-7-19)

I have to say that I was surprised at the SC Renewal Project Pastors’ Policy Briefing.  That surprise came courtesy of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. I’ve had doubts about Gingrich’s electability, and I think they are legitimate concerns.  He has some personal baggage, especially in regard to his three marriages.  I think he was […]

SC Renewal Project (2011-7-19)

Debi and I are in Columbia attending the South Carolina Renewal Project.  It is a gathering of conservative evangelical pastors and their wives to encourage political involvement.  Voting records indicate that the highest voting rate among this bloc is about 50%, and in the last presidential election was around 25%.  The general idea is to […]

Wonders to Behold (2011-7-13)

Yesterday we broke work early to go off on various adventures. I went with ten others to Niagara Falls. It is so stunningly beautiful that even though I’ve seen it several times, I wanted to see it again. Previously I have seen the falls from Canada but I did not bring my passport and so […]