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Quoted (2011-7-20)

On my return trip from the SC Renewal Project’s Pastors’ Policy Forum, I spoke to a reporter for Politico.  She used a couple of my quotes: I joked with Debi that I was having flashbacks to 2008, driving down the road, talking to a reporter, trying not to say anything to embarrass myself.

Surprise!! (2011-7-19)

I have to say that I was surprised at the SC Renewal Project Pastors’ Policy Briefing.  That surprise came courtesy of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. I’ve had doubts about Gingrich’s electability, and I think they are legitimate concerns.  He has some personal baggage, especially in regard to his three marriages.  I think he was […]

SC Renewal Project (2011-7-19)

Debi and I are in Columbia attending the South Carolina Renewal Project.  It is a gathering of conservative evangelical pastors and their wives to encourage political involvement.  Voting records indicate that the highest voting rate among this bloc is about 50%, and in the last presidential election was around 25%.  The general idea is to […]

Wonders to Behold (2011-7-13)

Yesterday we broke work early to go off on various adventures. I went with ten others to Niagara Falls. It is so stunningly beautiful that even though I’ve seen it several times, I wanted to see it again. Previously I have seen the falls from Canada but I did not bring my passport and so […]

The Body at Work (2011-7-11)

Today was another amazing day, one that reminded me of the beauty of the body of Christ. I saw so many people doing so much for others. It began at 4:30 a.m. I had a restful night, but woke up at that early hour. I got up and walked out of the main room where […]

A Blessed Sabbath (2011-7-10)

Today we experienced the quiet power of God. As we worshipped Him, as we rested in Him, His Spirit was among us, the Spirit of wisdom and power. It began this morning as we joined with the people of Bellewood Baptist Church. Our Praise Teams merged and we all made a joyful noise to the […]

It’s On! (2011-7-9)

This morning, we were up by 6 and out by 7.  We were served breakfast by the good people of Bellewood Baptist Church.  It was interesting to watch the dynamics – them thanking us for being here, us thanking them for their gracious reception and kindness, them insisting, “No, we are the ones who should […]

On the Road Again (2011-7-9)

  I’ve never suffered from jetlag before.  Previously when I travelled, I just stayed up until bedtime, slept through the night, and started the next day as a matter of routine.  Not this time.  I suppose I’m getting old.  I’ve wanted to sleep at 7 p.m. and my eyes still pop wide open at 2 a.m.  I had […]

A “Good” Trip (2011-7-7)

What follows is my first newlsetter article after returning to the U.S. “Did you have a good trip to Africa?” It’s a straightforward question and one sincerely asked.  So why is it so difficult for me to answer? Maybe it’s because we may not mean the same thing by “good.”  Normally, when someone asks if […]

American Again (2011-7-7)

We’re back.  The return trip was not easy, but it got us home.  The hardest leg of the flight was not the 17-hour flight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Washington, D.C., but the 1-hour flight from D.C. to Columbia.  It came after a two-hour delay for repairing the aircraft, which did not exactly inspire confidence.  Then […]